ARMing Kubernetes with OpenEBS #1

Running stateful containers on Le Potato

Why not! It’s fun and extremely efficient! I know many people (including me) used to run ownCloud on their desktop computers. I have finally decided to retire my old desktop computer and was looking ways to keep my ownCloud instance alive and maybe even improve it a bit.

First, I ran ownCloud on GKE Kubernetes cluster and came to a conclusion quickly that it’s not what I needed:

  • I am used to the speed of USB 3.0 for large uploads when needed. I wanted to keep the option of (40MB+/sec) using USB. Which means, if I choose a budget ARM SoC route, then the board should have non-shared bandwidth for LAN and USB.
  • 4 node GKE cluster using n1-standard-1 + 200GB storage costs ~$225/month, I would rather use Dropbox for $20/month = 240$/year (still doesn’t give me what I need).
  • Low-power, possibly solar-powered. I’ll share my power consumption findings in the series of blog articles.
  • Everything on Kubernetes is more fun, right?

I was looking into Raspberry Pi 3 Model B option and after a quick trial realized that shared USB/Ethernet bandwidth and lack of MicroSD UHS support is not going to give me the performance I need and found the AML-S905X-CC Le Potato board.

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