How to install OpenEBS on OpenShift?

What is OpenShift Origin?

OpenShift Origin is the upstream community project used in all deployment models provided by Red Hat OpenShift such as OpenShift Online, OpenShift Dedicated, and OpenShift Container Platform. Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise container application platform that is based on a core of Docker container packaging, Kubernetes container cluster management and the OpenShift Origin project itself.

First, having more than one option sounds confusing, but they clearly differentiate from each other. Here is the summary of all available deployment options to start with OpenShift. Continue reading

How to deploy OpenShift Origin on a local VM

Blogging is fun and it takes time. Leaving aside the research part, preparing all prerequisites takes a lot of time – also fun and educational. I have a few permanent clusters spread across cloud vendors and little more than a half rack of servers in my garage. Development VMs and Kubernetes clusters on AWS, a bare-metal VMware cluster mostly used for NFV testing and few old applications on Windows VMs, an IBM Cloud private cluster, an OpenStack cluster for a various break and fix experiments, a scale-out NAS and SAN providing storage for all servers in the garage. Continue reading