How to install IBM Cloud Private? [Updated]

It’s been some time since I wrote about IBM Cloud Private 2.1, although I’ve been heavily using it in my lab.

Improvements from version 1.2 to 2.1 were massive. We have also noticed the changes in the OpenEBS user community, according to our surveys usage of ICP increased dramatically. The Community Edition of the ICP 3.1 came out three weeks ago. CE container images were released with a slight delay of two weeks after the after the enterprise version came out. And I believe that it deserves an updated blog to talk about the steadily advancing developer experience (and my favorite new features).

In this blog, I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to configure a Kubernetes-based managed private cloud using ICP. I will also highlight the top improvements since the last version that makes me excited.

IBM Cloud Private Architecture

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How to install OpenEBS on IBM Cloud Private

What is IBM Cloud Private?

IBM Cloud Private (ICP) is a new application platform that is based on Kubernetes and provides services for developing and managing on-premises containerized applications. ICP Community Edition (ICP-CE) is distributed free of charge for non-production use and is available on Docker Hub. For commercial use, you would need the Enterprise package.

In my previous blog post, Introduction to IBM Cloud Private, I have covered step-by-step installation of ICP 2.1. This time I will focus on configuring OpenEBS as a persistent storage option and deploying a stateful workload (MongoDB) using OpenEBS storage classes.

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