Git freedom on Kubernetes

Run GitLab on a K8s-based private cloud

After Microsoft announced the acquisition of GitHub, many developers raised concerns on social media about Microsoft’s history of unsuccessfully running the acquired businesses like Skype, Nokia’s handset business, Navision, and other 150 companies (you probably haven’t noticed) they have swallowed up over the years.

Other than keeping the developer’s life-support plugged, one of the biggest concern is that MS will use its power on GitHub repositories to analyze trends among software development in order to launch competing products. Fears that GitHub privacy may be in jeopardy have already led many developers to jump off the ship or consider alternatives. GitLab’s publicly available status graphs show spikes of 70x increase in imported repositories (average 100 vs 7.5K), a validation of increased user apprehension.

Whether you are considering moving your code out of GitHub or not, here is one of the fastest way to get your private repository with GitLab up and running on your Kubernetes environment – Let’s “Make DevOps lifecycle private again” (c) Continue reading